Bachelor-project: A performative city-walk in the medival Roksilde -a new perspective on the traditional museum-dissimination.

The project revolves around the designing of an user-engaging city walk in with the theme of Roskilde in the medieval time for, and i collaboration with, Roskilde Museum. The project was a investigation of how a traditional city-walk could be curated in a modern and contemporary form.

By using a performative curating-strategy focusing on experience design, esthetics tools and digital devices, we created and hosted a complete 2 hour long city-walk in Roskilde with a medieval theme, 6 specially designed locations and a pervasive game on iPad.

The project gave me a great insight into the challenges the museum-industry are facing now a days, where the citizens demands involving digital experiences. Furthermore it gave me experience with practical settlement.


The digital museum

The digitalization of the society has created an increasing expectation that the cultural institutions, such as the museums, have to offer engaging digital experiences. More and more museums are moving towards a more experience-based and contemporary form of communication, that involves the physical space and surroundings. From the traditional museum communication where the audience is the observer of objects, the contemporary museum communication tries to make the audience a part of the exhibitions in the creation of meaning and reflection.  The digitalization creates opportunities for making the museum-audience a active player who make own decisions in the exhibition-situation instead of just getting informations "put on". 

This creates unique opportunities for the museums to create engaging and memorable digital experiences. 


Game for iPad: "Myseriet om det forsvundne kalkmaleri"

By taking the perspectives from the contemporary museums communication into account, we took inspiration from the genre "games" in our creation of a iPad-game as a part of the city-walk. We used perspectives from location-based games where the user get to make decisions in a space where the real world and the game-world merges. 

At each location of the city-walk, the audience had to answer questions. By giving a correct answers the audience collects pieces of a puzzel, who will help them solve the big mystery the city-walk tries to answer. This strategy tries to perceive the audience into become active players in the exhibition situation and in the story-line for the city walk.



At each location of the city-walk a experience based curating-strategy was used. The strategy focuses on how the space and the objects can be a contributing part of to the story-telling and the audiences experience. In the basement under an old church in Roskilde, where the remains of an even older burned down medieval church, now a exhibition space, we staged the surroundings to engage the audience senses.


The project was my BA-project at Performance Design, Roskilde University. The project was created in cooperation with Jakob Stavnsberg, Charlotte Strier Cumberland and Morten Kjærbye.

Photo credit: Anders Kjærbye.