Re-design of Spangsberg Chokolade-website based on a persuasive design-strategy.

The project deals with how a re-design of an existing website can be planned and carried out, while still communicating the brand. This includes clarifying the target group, the users needs, competitor-analysis, business-analysis, content-strategy, design-strategy, usability, coding in HTML5/CSS3 and testing. 

The project gave me insight in project-management with SCRUM, responsive webdesign, online story-telling, and digital design. 


Web-design with a taste of chocolate

As a general framework for our webdesign, we chose to use Persuasive Design as our strategy towards, communicating a chocolate-brand. Food-communication, and chocolate for that matter, is associated with emotions, senses and moods which needs to be communicated to create the specific feeling and understanding of the brand. We therefore worked with a design-strategy that focusses on both the functional-aspects, but also on the emotional aspects where simpel visual communication and engaging story-telling are the main points.  


Responsive design

The new webdesign for Spangsberg Chokolade is responsive. It is build in HTML5 by using sections and articles styled i CSS3 by using %'s  and em as values. We have specified media queries to make the design fit to different platforms and screen-sizes. By creating responsive webdesign we ensures the right user expereince for each media-platform. 


One-page wireframes

The website is created as a one-page which is particularly effective for story-telling use, and can create engaging and emotional user experiences.  The process of designing the webpage was based on collecting inspiration, sketching wireframes and mock-ups.


To get the mood, or tone, for the design which we believed would communicate Spangsberg Chokolade's brand the best, we worked with three keywords determined from both the customers associations with chocolate, generally speaking, and Spangsberg Chokolade's own brand-values. The keywords we decided to work with was; luxury, comfort and genuine

These keywords was the foundation for our visual communication as the moodboard shows. 


As part of the persuasive design-strategy the content and especially the phonographs we were going to use on the website was very important towards creating the right mood and brand-value. Therefore we worked with our keywords in the creation of photos where natural light, low apperture and contrast between the dark and light was in focus.

We styled the flødeboller in my livingroom and I used a Canon 7D and a 50mm lens to shoot them. 



The project was a part of the course "Designg digital communication platforms" at the IT-University of Copenhagen in cooperation with Cheline Kim Felt, Julie Rathje and Stine Jungersen.